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Americardan Universal Joints | 5000 Series

Building on over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of heavy-duty universal joints, Ameridrives Power Transmission (APT) introduces the 5000 series of universal joints. Currently available in five sizes with swing diameters ranging from 225mm to 390mm with larger sizes in preparation in excess of 1000mm. Static torque capabilities range from 54 kN-m to 5060 kN-m rated capacity.

Utilizing a proven one-piece yoke optimized with finite element analysis methods permit use of a larger diameter bearing cap, thus accommodating a larger bearing package and cross journal. Larger bearings assures higher capacity longer life universal joints for a given swing diameter. A round bearing cap also provides a more robust and efficient design. Yokes and crosses are balanced in terms of strength and deflection. The resulting joints are 130-200% greater endurance and peak capacity compared to former 3000 series for a given swing diameter.


Ameridrives Universal Joints - 5000 Series


Radius Shoulder Trunions — Shoulder has generous radius at base of cross trunion to reduce stress.
Double-Lip Seal — Abrasion resistant multi-lip extruder type seals to insure integrity of the bearing lube reservoir.
Thrust Bearings — Each cap has a filled nylon compound thrust washer to prevent steel-on-steel contact of the trunion to minimize friction and prevent galling under heavy loads. Filled nylon bearings automatically adjust themselves to compensate for minor deflections.
Crowned Rollers — Eliminate stress concentrations at the ends of the rollers. The reduction in stress contributes significantly to increased bearing (B10) life.
Zero Clearance Assembly — Cross and bearing assembled for zero radial clearance for optimum thrust and radial bearing performance and elimination of radial whirl and associated vibrations.
Contoured Bearing Caps — Allows longer cross journals for increased torque and bearing capacity.
5000 Series Universal Joint Design



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