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Universal Joints | Off-Highway and Industrial


industrial applications, off highway applications

Ameridrives Power Transmission purchased the design, equipment and manufacturing rights to the Twin Disc J-line of universal joints in March, 2000. Building on the nearly half century of experience by Twin Disc, Ameridrives is now producing universal joints to the same exacting standards as the original Twin Disc. Designated as APTD, Ameridrives Power Transmission now has seven sizes of industrial U-joints: J-170, J-230, J-310, J-490, J-600, J-800, and J-1200, with different types in each size. The types vary according to range and method of accommodating axial slip. Static torque ranges from 4250 lbs. ft. to 26,000 lbs. ft. The static brinell capacity of the roller bearings in the U-joint is approximately twice the rated capacity of the joint. The yield point of the yokes and cross in the U-joint is approximately 2-1/2 times the rated capacity. The yield strength varies with the yoke design.

All APTD Model J Series U-joints use high-wing bearing cap design exclusively. High wing construction provides longer capscrews for attaching the bearing caps. The longer capscrews will remain tight under the most severe operating conditions. High-wing bearing caps, together with externally wrenched capscrews, permit use of a larger diameter bore in the cap, thus accommodating a larger bearing. This larger bearing assures longer U-joint life for a given swing diameter. The wing-type bearing cap design also provides a lighter and more serviceable assembly. Since companion flanges are not required as in round bearing types, the centerline of the U-joint is closer to the bearings in both driving and driven machinery. Thus, overhanging loads are minimized.


The sizes J-230, J-310, J-600 and J-800 Model U-joints are interchangeable with wing-type U-joints of other manufacturers. APTD U-joints, however, offer greater dynamic ratings than other U-joints of equivalent size. The dynamic factor is a measure of the U-joint’s life. It indicates the ability of the U-joint to transmit a given power through a specified U-joint angle at a certain speed for a specified number of hours. Since the life of the U-joint is really an expression of the life of the roller bearings, the dynamic factor of the U-joint can be calculated from a formula based on modifications of basic roller bearing formulas. APTD design emphasis in this area has resulted in the adoption of larger diameter accurately guided roller bearings as standard. Larger bearings mean greater life expectancy for a given swing diameter— an important consideration to designers and users who are now experiencing unsatisfactory U-joint performance yet do not have space for a larger size.

u joint for industrial application

In choosing U-joints for any industrial application, bear in mind this fact: APTD calculates a U-joint lifespan based on four variables— torque, speed, angularity and application factors. For this reason, you can choose a U-joint design to match the predicted lifespan of the other components in your drive system. Factory-trained Application Engineers are available to assist in solving universal joint application problems. Also, Amerdrives factory-authorized agents and distributors are available to make specific recommendations on U-joint applications. Call Ameridrives Power Transmission for custom universal joint design to meet specific application requirements.





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